30 August 2013

Countdown For 56th Independence Day

Please do look at your calendar dude. Malaysia's Independence Day is just a distance away. We should be proud because we are Malaysian. Malaysia is always in peace because of the understanding and tolerance from each races. Although we are different we're trying to respect each other. Malaysia is a peace country with multicultural citizen.

As Malaysian, we must always keep the country in peace and well manage. Never underestimate or take for granted to each other. Thank God there is no war or any terrible sound of bombs around us. Keep it up. Just see what happen to the unpeace country like Syria, Mesir. They can't feel any freedom in life. They can't go out whenever they want. 

We are very lucky to have freedom in Malaysia. Be proud! Do not destroy the peace that we have. Cause one day, you will feel regret with what you have done. To find a peace and freedom is not easy. So, treasure all the happiness and peaceful that you have right now. Forgive and forget. Think before you act. 

Youth are the ultimate setter of the country. Actually we are! We are the new generation that will rule our country, Malaysia. ;) Think wisely then choose the right path. Forsure, the ending will be awesome. 



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