13 May 2009

Juz When U Think aLL Is Well

"When theres a will theres a way..."


today i'd read n learned a lot of things... Things dat i know n i don't.

When i woke up early in the m0rning today, i hope dat today will be different than yesterday. I hope dat today will be the greatest than before. Hah! yup...perfect0~

After cleaning myself, i went to the kitchen to take sume breakfast... It's like a routine for me. Then, switched on tv to watch Project Runaway show or America's Next Top Model perhaps. But....boringgg...no show for today...arggh~ felt bored bored bored n B.O.R.E.D!!

So i went to my room listening to music, reading magazines, comic [voilet destiny], dreaming [hmm....thinking bout my life, future, n bla..bla..bla...] then started to switch on my laptop...wanted to checked my email n surfing internet to add some usefull knowledge n upgrade my minds n listening to my fav music band.

Sumthin across my mind... INDIE BAND. What kinda thing is INDIE BAND?? I always listen n sing the song. Make it as my favourite song but neva know the meaning, genre of music, the style, types of people who join this band, objective, mission n much more. So, juz wanna get some information bout this matter, i searched to http://www.i-bands.net

A lot of information bout indie band i get. In this website there are a lot of stuffs. Such as uploaded new music band, new songs, download songs, n others. INDIE BAND or Indipendent band is a band that stand by their own feet. Make songs,lyrics and compose songs by themselves. They have creative imaginative n good inspiration. All their songs are unique. Types of music are jazz,electronic,pop,pop-jazz,metal,rock n others. SUPPORT OUR LOCAL MUSIC yaw~~ PEACE!

Try to listen the music n feel the different.

music=L.I.F.E & life=F.U.N
so music+life = FUN
pEacE everb0dy......

I think dats all i can say cuz i feel tired rite now....

Sorry for the "merepek-repek" stuffs dat i wanna share with my bl0g today..hahaha

Sumtimez saying weird wEIRd thingz can cheer ourselves n make us smileeeee~~ =]
rite??? Yezzz of course laRh...heheh...TRY IT URSELVES!!!


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