30 April 2010

Whatever Me Like

>>First day f0r my h0liday and finish-dipl0mme-studies
>>staying at h0me
>>kinda d0nt-knOw-what-tO-do
>>Ohh ya..t0day is the last day of April 2010
>>t0morr0w is the 1st day of May 2010
>>S0ooOoo of c0urse it is Lab0ur Dayy!!....Happy Lab0ur day everyOne~
>>it's like i'm mumbling all the way here t0day
>>i wanna have fun but outside is raining heavily..
>> sO i just making my own activities. Such as...:
>>watching Justin Bieber's videos..OMGGGG!! he's very talented mann...
>>d0wnloading JB's songs
>>d0wnloading JB's v.clips
>>d0wnloading JB's ringt0nes
>>Oppss! alm0st f0rgot..juz n0w i called the place f0r my industrial training
>>suddenly the administrative officer answered...I talked to her and told her to pass my call to the CEO of CL Sdn. Bhd. but his actually busy with meeting
>>so i talked to his AO and told her that on 3rd May 2010 i'll g0nna check in to the c0mpany to do my practical...Ohhh she still reconigzse me
>> She said that working time starts at 8.00 a.m until 5.00 p.m BUT f0r a practical student, she said i can come a lil bit late..There is no fix time f0r practical student...Huhh~ thank g0odness!
>>AND i can wear shirt to0..hehee~ no baju kurung....I like this ;)
>>Hmmm..still w0ndering what will i do in that c0mpany..lalalallalalala~

29 April 2010

I Finish My Studies In Dipl0mme

At last, I had finish my last exam.. The material and technology of landscaping. It was easy and i have n0 problem t0 answer the all questi0ns.. I guess so.

WOoooOoooWww!! what a relief. No more classes. No more Test. No mOre exam.. N0 more studies..!
Yeeeeesssss~!! huhHh..
I wanna share my happiness tO you
And wish the best fOr my result later and my industrial training. On M0nday, 3rd May 2010..

T0day kinda busy day but i'm happy. Bef0re went to the examinati0n haLL, i had to clean up my rent h0use and packing all my bel0ngings.. Huh.. What a sweat! Take an exam with the S.W.E.A.T..what the..~~ Y0u kn0w what, when i reached the haLL i saw all students sitting on the examinati0n chair and wanna get ready to answer the exam. Lucky me the examinatiOn didn't started yet.

Then the exam starts! But i finish it faster than the time given. So i check out fr0m the exam haLL and straightly go back t0 h0me..Yeaayyyy!!!

I'll g0nna miss UTHM and all my extra0rdinary bel0ved friends.. My pray f0r u guys go0d luck in ur future!! Y0u had taught me all th0se g0od things and s0me bad things that can give a notable example f0r me t0 lead my future way.
I really don't kn0w when we wiLL meet again..Cause n0w we are separated in our own way. But,I believe with a m0tto 'United We Stand'!!!
Notes?? hahaha..nO more notes brada!! Tata n0tes..~

21 April 2010


Creepy place for students = examinatiOn haLL
On y0ur mark, get a set..GOOOO!!!!
it's finally come to the Law exam..
Haiyaa~ h0w cOme an engineer wanna be must take this kind oF exam...urhh~
Huhh..damn bOred! i have to memorize all the facts n meanings.
I hate read stufffs! Owhh my~~ it's like suiciDE duh..~
I'm nOt feeling weLL to study.
Tonnes to read and remember and mem0rized..N0w, i realised that i d0n't like to read
Probably, since i'm major in civil engineering so i'm int0 calcuLation thingy.

To be a successful engineer must stay fOcus n knOws what she do
But, i must nOt give uP!! Huuuhuu...jaja it's gOnna end soOn..u must strOng bebeh!
Stay fOcus n just keep staying in fOcus gurL...!
Maybe it worth it
Like seriOusly fOcusing..hahaha ;P
Only 2 papers to sit..Like seriOusly can't wait

An excellent engineer can buiLd tonnes of kind of unique and outstanding structure

p/s: pictures are motivatiOn..actually, i'm bl0gging while studying law rite nOw..haha

17 April 2010

The End For Being A Diplomme Student

It's over..Games over!! This semester is over... End of chapter fOr this semester.. The luxuriOus moments ever fOr only 3 years. The end f0r doing reports, assginments, pr0jects and everything!! BUT...finals are cOming. Now, i must build the strength to study..searching seacrhing n stiLL searcing~~ Wish me luck..

OHH!! bef0re i tell further abOut other stories, juz lil bit unexpected st0ry to teLL..Yesterday, was the exhausted, enj0y, fun, and happy m0ment. Final project f0r diplomme of civiL engineering students. And u kn0w what..my gr0up got the 3rd place for that competitiOn.. HMmm~ A project abOut interlOcking-block made from palm oil shells by replacing sand. To make it different fr0m other. Cool and lecturers lOved it!! Quite interesting. Thumbs up fr0m everyone!! The magical word "Well done", "Good Job", "CongratulatiOns" and thumbs up babe! Really bo0st my spirit up lahh.. Yeahhh!.. There are juz a lil bit mark's differences from the 3rd, 2nd and 1st placed. Maybe, there are many good competat0rs for this finaL project. But, we d0ne our project soOooo very weLLL!! hahaa~..n i'm happy if them happy... ;) GOOD JOB EVERYONE!! It shOws a great engineer wanna be that b0rn from the best university UTHM.

This semester quite thOugh. Cuz sumtimes i feel like i'm dying with my wOrks!! Like seri0usly dying... But, this is the coOlest experience ever.. dinner party, dipl0mme project presentation, trip and everything are superb! I'm prOud to be these part of chapters although for 3 years. All the sweetest m0ments will remain in my heart. UTHM, Friends, Civil engineering are part of my life.

p/s: All the best for finals!!! ganbatte..

13 April 2010

Landscape Site Visit

Yesterday = a trip to KLCC and Putrajaya

Time = 8.00 a.m

Go Back = 8.30 p.m

Activities = visit to KLCC landscape, Wetland, Botanical Garden

Others = taking pictures, snaP..snap..sNaP!!!

Feeling = enj0y, fun, exhausted, coOL~~

09 April 2010

Tanoshi Desu!!! ANTR10

A night to remember 2010 was awesOme!!!
Luckly it was going soOooo well..
At first, it was quite difficult to get pe0ple to join this event
But, to make a remarkable and awesOme event u must NEVER GIVE UP..
although, actually we very busy with our studies
"When We Wanna Do Something Just Keep Doing It, Never Say No" -jaja-
Thanks to all supporters and my l0vely friends that inv0lved during this dinner.
Love y'aLL!!!
EverybOdy having so much fun on that day...And i'm very happy because the plan is finally succeded!!
Theme: Formal pLus ChaOtic
held at Crystall Inn Hotel - Galaxy Hall

Presents, gifts, certificates and games

King and Queen of the night

The real chaOsss!!! :))

Diplomme of civil engineering students

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