10 August 2011

I Believe With What I Believes

Just give them a chance..when God willings. I think everybody deserve for second chance. Human has been given chance in their life.. So why not if they use it. Is it hard for u to give a chance to them? Oh ya..by the way..who are u for not giving them a chance? You're also just a human being okayyy~ Get it there?? Huhh... I'm sure u also get your own chance rite. Everybody has chances to live. It d0esnt matter if they are good or bad.. Cause pe0ple said no one is perfect. Hmm but i think we can make ourselves perfect..isnt it..hahah! Well, everything is not impossible.

You dont have to show y0ur goodness to pe0ple. Cause pe0ple can see and judge what you did.. Just take care of yourself first. God gave us brain to think, solve pr0blem, and make decision. I think you have it too rite..The Brain. Right?? :)) We came to this world as a human. So, what is human duties? Forsure, to protect the WORLD, make ourselves valuable and live for happiness. Thanks to God..always. :) I know some people trying to teach other people about the precious of living in this world and believing to God. But first, just look at yourself and your surroundings.

Eventh0ugh you are n0t so good but make others c0mfortable ok.. Yah, it is easy for u to give advice to others. People will listen to your advice and as the time's come they will kn0w what to do. You just be good to yourself first. Like i said bef0re, u dont have to sh0w...pe0ple can judge it. Maybe you act like you want to remind us things that we didnt kn0w. Sometimes we already know but a lil bit late to act back. Its maybe quite annoying the answers that we gave but it is kinda annoying if you keep saying or reminding us about the jus.
Insyallah.. I believe with what i believes.

Lets make peace!

syukran ila hayatt~~ ;)

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