02 February 2013

Geotechnics Laboratory Test


Finally i can find my own relaxing time after almost 1 week busy in RECESS and Geotechnic  laboratory non stop, with my final year project. 
Four laboratory tests have been done:
Specific Gravity
Dry Sieve Analysis
Liquid Limit
Moisture Content
I have done 12 samples out of 21 oh0kayyy... 
Only 9 more samples to go. :D 
Still have Electrokinetic test = 3 samples, FTIR test = 3 samples and pH testing = 3 samples only. 
Only 3 tests still in the lists. 
FTIR and pH testing can be done both just in 1 day only. Small matter lah kan! ;)
AND i will be continued my laboratory test on this Tuesday, February 5th 2013
 I think i can finish all before my new semester begun... *pray*
Got 2 weeks left so i will going to make all these things done according with what i've planned. 
Thats all about my laboratory test
heh hehh!!~

Right now, i wanna fully enjoy my weekend

Peace n Love

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