30 April 2010

Whatever Me Like

>>First day f0r my h0liday and finish-dipl0mme-studies
>>staying at h0me
>>kinda d0nt-knOw-what-tO-do
>>Ohh ya..t0day is the last day of April 2010
>>t0morr0w is the 1st day of May 2010
>>S0ooOoo of c0urse it is Lab0ur Dayy!!....Happy Lab0ur day everyOne~
>>it's like i'm mumbling all the way here t0day
>>i wanna have fun but outside is raining heavily..
>> sO i just making my own activities. Such as...:
>>watching Justin Bieber's videos..OMGGGG!! he's very talented mann...
>>d0wnloading JB's songs
>>d0wnloading JB's v.clips
>>d0wnloading JB's ringt0nes
>>Oppss! alm0st f0rgot..juz n0w i called the place f0r my industrial training
>>suddenly the administrative officer answered...I talked to her and told her to pass my call to the CEO of CL Sdn. Bhd. but his actually busy with meeting
>>so i talked to his AO and told her that on 3rd May 2010 i'll g0nna check in to the c0mpany to do my practical...Ohhh she still reconigzse me
>> She said that working time starts at 8.00 a.m until 5.00 p.m BUT f0r a practical student, she said i can come a lil bit late..There is no fix time f0r practical student...Huhh~ thank g0odness!
>>AND i can wear shirt to0..hehee~ no baju kurung....I like this ;)
>>Hmmm..still w0ndering what will i do in that c0mpany..lalalallalalala~

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