28 December 2009

Almost There

Time! Why am i still awake n never go to sleep rite n0w?? It's abOut 2.06 a.m...Tomorrow is a new day for me [11.00a.m...1st claz for the new semester] Juz come back from lOng holidays.. Huh! It was very wOnderful.

Position: Rent House>>

First n fOremost, i must clean n tidy up all the things in my room...sOooo many to be done. Alone n all by myseLf.. My roomate do nOt show up yet..Maybe tomorrOw. But i can't wait!! hahaha...Many stories to tell..heeee~ BefOre that, i went to my friend hOuse to take the things that i asked her to buy frOm kelantan...The kerOpok of cuz..hehe..But as a tOken i gave her sum fooD or oLe2 ;D

Things to be DONE: arranging, sweeping, cleaning [dust everywhere..huhh~], ir0ning n bla..bla...bla...~~>>

Lucky me to stay in a rented hOuse. No need to bring all my stuffz n then bring it back again juz like staying in the hOsteL..huhh..so only a few things need to be pack. Actually, i arrived ab0ut 6.15 p.m...then put my things n belongings in my roOm buttttt....huhh i f0rgot sumthin babes.. hOw come Ler~...my EXTENSION WIRE left at hOme.. so i need to go back hOme again. What on earth i've dOne.. SiLLy me!! Very careLess n such a gabra lahh! aiyaaa~... ;P

Position: Serambi Rasa Restaurant>>

Continue to the jOurney...then my aunt asked us to have a dinner at Serambi Rasa..Okie dOkie!! Juz the right time..haha~ That restaurant nearby my rent hOuse.. So we have a dinner there n it was awesOme cuZ it was the 1st time me n my faMily went there..i mean tOgether2 laa. The swallowed item***...hahaha...well u see, there are chicken chOp, fish n chiP [i ate that...hehe], mee rebus n nasi goreng ikan masin, milO ais [i drank that..hehe], skyjuice,teh O ais laici n lemonade...n the c0st about RM**.** sumthin r...dun nOe..haha! Never take a pOrt..weee~

Position: Rent House>>

Again...haha.. nOw it's time to say gudbye fam..wuwuwuwu~ :( My aunt send me hOme n they left me at the rent hOuse.. Cleaning some stuffz n finished at last....

Mind: For Success>>

This year is the very very the last year fOr me in DIPLOMA OF CIVIL ENGINEERING WITH TECHNOLOGY. Sooo i must aim high fOr this semester [last sem babes!] Can't wait to the end but afraid toO...huhuh..Ok then! Need to sleep now.. High spirit n performance for today tom0rrow n EVERYDAY!!!!! ;)

22 December 2009

Coming Closer

Woi!! hahaha...dunno what to say in this blog. Cuz everytime i wanna say it lOud my words turn to be silent.. My finger can't tOuch this keybOard n my mind turn fr0st babes..hahh! Now, i juz say what i feel n what i thought. Bedal lah.. hmmm..mybe sumthin doesnt seem so right, right nOw. Sumthin i'm hOlding to has outlived it purpOse. Maybe its time to let it go. Figure it out soOn...alwayz havIng fun with ur feelings..FUN is FUN. NEVER say NEVER!!

Well, my semester break kinda over. Next week will be sumthin new fOr me..Hope so.

With new classes,

new subjects

new lecturers

new moOd

new life

n of coz NEW ME!!! ;)

The december 28th 09..welcOme back UTHM

These hOlidays means so much fOr me. I knOw people better. I knOw who my friends are. I will try to be good to peOple out there... Hmm ooo ya, plenty of unscrupulous people are out there, but well i'm too smart to let myself be duped by them. Once they hurt me, they going to regret soOn.. juz remind! i'm sl0w n steady persOn..weeee~ like that b0astful..hahaha~

This coming semester must gonna be w0nderfuL n meaningfuL to us. All i wanna say is "hey people! i will be myself n do whatever i feel wanna dO..Juz watch out peopLe". Be nice to me~~ ;P hahahaha!! Actually, i miss my friends a l0t!! They make c0lours on me...fOr sure babes! Neva feel bOred with them...hOt boys n hOt gurLs arOund me...whOa!!! great!! weee~~

See ya!

20 December 2009

Not Too Late

I guess it's a lil bit late to wish..but nevamind beb :)


New year for the muslim
It is the start of Muslim New Year in Islamic Calender...
Actually, not most muslim traditionally celebrate the new year

For me

Well, i hope that this new year may bring me the best life n rich my goals no matter what happens n make some hijrah in this new year! Keep it strong for the wildest dream could be sooooo reaL~


08 December 2009


UrgghHhh!!! Is it hard f0r pe0ple to understand us??? WHY!!!!! WHY????? Very fed uP with aLL this issue..Arghhh! I WANNA SCREAM OUT LOUD HERE!! CAN I...hmmm..~

Hey u ouT there! get OUT!! GET OUT!! get oUT!!!..hOw cOme u couldn't understand wuT i'm saying braDa!! Funky oFF!!!..ciSSS~ hOw many thOusand biLLion times must i said..huhhh!! sO pathetic u damn! PLEASEEEEEE GOOOOO AWAYYYYYYY.....

OMGGGGG!!!! huhhh..!!!! juz listen t0 wuT i said la..Pleaseeeee try t0 understand people arOund u.. c0me on bradA~ This is my finaL decisi0n! U SENGAALL.

Juz STAY AWAY FROM ME..urgGHhh! AND u knOw what..the very Very mOst i appreciate u then..hUH~

02 December 2009

The mEss I Made

Hey cutie blOg...Long time nO post..haha! Juz a lil bit lazy but aLso busy lEr~ Things are juz OK. Juz fine instead of very fine [like sumOne said befOre..ngee~] ;P Actually, i'm kinda b0red now...They all gOne fOr sh0pping..n..i'm aLone at hOme. No mood to go ouT. I'm happy nOw n wiLL alwayz happy!! HAPPY EVER AFTER...hahahh. Alrite then..

I'm happy in my life that i live. Emm...but i still have sOme issues i need to sOrt out dude!!! Sumtimes i get confused n sumtimes i am reaLLy happy. Uhh! what?? I am cOnfused but aLso happy?? Sort oF~ Pick a day of the week n juZ sit dOwn n reLax n think to myseLf wUt is gOing on? wut's making me happy buT a lil bit upset as weLL? Huhh..h0w cOme dear. W0ndering, tHinking, w0ndering, n again thInk..bla..bla..bLaa...~ Ok! i gOt it!! I am nOt a bad persOn, but i juZ need tO think bOut what's not bring oUt the best side oF me.. bcoz..i can be soOooo fun n coOL! I juz neeD to shOw it mOre often :)) hehehh..peace!!!

Emm..wanna share sumthin tO u. Juz n0w i had listened a sOng that kinda sumthin2 lOrh...It makes me thinking bOut sumthin..hmm~ hmm~...Tittle is The Mess I Made by Parachute..Nice! A lil bit tOuched babes! Is it that i'm regreting f0r sumthin to let it go??? huh~ Ok2..wuTeva~~this s0ng mean's that u stiLL miss that sumOne n wish u nevA had lOst them. Here are s0me of the lyrics>>....Should of kissed u there. Should of held ur face. Should of turn arOund. Instead of run in place. Should of called u out, should of called ur name. Should of loOked again. But ohhh.....i'm starring at the mess i made...i'm starring at the mess i made..~~<<>

Hey! EverybOdy makes mess in their own life rite? Mess is messy..Messy is a mess..hahah!! The mess mesSy i made is very mess n meSsy~ Wut am i saying rite kn0w dude? Such a mess! urghh! weEeee~ ;P WeLL, sumtimes we need to be messy to pUt m0re coLOur on our own life babes.. Rite?? Absolutely!! Cuz n0body's perfect. Juz lOok into the eyez.. Eyez can see the truth. Eyez is the key to the sOuL.. Like pe0Ple said "from eyes catch the soUL" [love quote]...heheee~ Eyes is full of mystery. Only certain people knew it. But for me, i really knew it. I realize that even though there's bad things in the wOrld, there's also gud and i have nO problems most of the time finding it. I open to try new things in life n i tend t0 be a great friend and listener. No friend nO life!

People out there! Be a gud friend with ur friend if u wanna feel gud.. The mOst important is never underestimate or take f0r granted to them. TRY TO APPRECIATE UR FRIEND VERY VERY WELL!!! Cuz i really really appreciate all my friends damn much.

21 November 2009

I Got A Feeling

I'm headache
Too much cried
I'm in a sad m0Od :(
Fall in sick
N0 mo0d to talk
T0day my life is SUCKSSS!!!!

Outta here!!!
nO questi0ns nOr answers...

It Gets Into My Nerves

H.O.L.I.D.A.Y...hmm~ holiday!! holiday!! h0liday!!! What is HOLIDAY??? Of cuz an enjOyable mOment rite.. Yupz! Now, it's abOut 2.55a.m n i can't sleep rite nOw...Huh! Juz listening to the music n surfing the internet.. Kinda play s0me games. But my finger can't dO it anymOre..hahahh!!!Ok then, wut sh0uld i do now?? hmmm...mybe juz go to bed n make my dreams cOme true~ [think..think...n bla..bla..bla...] ShouLd i?? aaaaaa......Mybe i shoUld sleep n0w. Gurls can't sleep late..Like ma frenz said..hahahaa...Why?? i d0nt know laa..heee~

What should i do when the sunsrise? This holiday must be sumthin nice then befOre.. bUt what is it???? any plannnnnn....Ok2..THINK>>THINK>>THINK....Alrite! Still can't!!! Hmmm..... [a silent m0ment f0r a while]....

My l0vely blog, u kn0w wut. Today i felt so happy...Mybe sumthin sumthin had happened inside my life. haha... But hard to express it. S0on bebeh! But i l0ve this feeling..heheh ;P Feeling like u've been so happy lately that u better buckLe dOwn n get some work dOne?? Uhh! Well..dOnt. Enj0y this break. I can earn it in more n many ways. Ohh ya! mybe t0morrow i'll gonna cut my hair sh0rter than bef0re. New lOOKs dude!! wehOooo~~

N nOw my eyes feel itchy..aiyaa~ what the h***... Rubbing my eyes n it's feel so gud..hahahaha..Ok! I think n0w i will start to mumbling sumthin weirD..Bef0re its gonna be m0re n m0re worst it's time fOr me to relax n try to sleep..tom0rrow will be a perfect day..Juz hOping the gud ones.. TUDDELS~~ *wink2*

>>pisssttss~...stand up fOr wut u believe k!

18 November 2009

MissiOn AccOmpLish~

YESSS!!! Bubbye 5th semester...2009/2010.. nO more 5th semester anymOre! Yeayy!!! FinaL exam is over...Over...OVERRR~~ ;)) hUhh..at lasT bebeh.. So many things happened during this semester. All th0se things will gonna be sweet memOries although there're bads.. hahahah!

N nOw is a hOLiday time!!! wOww!!!! Semester break is cOming. Very excited.. 1 mOnth to enj0y peOple..wehOoo~ Juz enjOy ur great great time hOLiday with ur own plan.

WiLL gonna miss my frenz a l0t during this h0liday... the 2010/2011 will be the last semester f0r us spending t0gether.. Such a sh0rt time n blink bLink away we will be separated by our own path n future destinati0n.

ALrite. Let me see..this semester is very different fr0m the past past semester bef0re. We like very cL0se together. Mybe pe0ple change, peOple be mOre mature n try to kn0w each other weLL. We spend time t0gether in cLass or out cLass. We're helping, st0ry teLLing, laughing, chaTTing, bubbLing, making n0ise, scream n shOut out, d0 this d0ne dat, haVing fun like sister n brOther...all t0gether!!! We're all in this t0gether once we kn0w that we are we're aLL stars n we see it!!! :D wOww..f0r sure i'll gonna miss it so0n...

Dear frenz, thanks f0r being my gud frenz. U r the best guyz!!! i'm sure treasure u in my life.. Although it's hard to meet u guyz when we're nOt here anym0re but we must stay int0uch babeS!... Bcoz we're on our own separate way to struggLe for our future undertaking..but..it's oK. As we knOw, fren last f0rever!! rite?? yup2!..

I onLy h0pe that u guyz never change. Yeah of cuz changes is exciting but sumtimes changes is scarying..huhh~ u can be different..BUT..different in a go0d way..

Okie dOkie! this is the st0ry f0r the 2009/2010 civiL engineering students. U guyz raWks!!! I'M LOVIN IT

06 November 2009

Can Fall Sick!!

Wahh!!!...The exam is juz ar0und. My final exam timetable l0oks interesting rite?..hahaha.. Still in the preparing m0od fOr my examinati0ns! Can't wait to take it but wOrry sumhOw..huhuuu~ STRIVE FOR EXAM!!!! till the end babes!...hah!!

29 October 2009

Floating Tower

Project is succeed. The tower floating. It's fun to build and design it. Juz like our real tower. For many weeks trying so hard to finish it n at last the tower is UP!!! Analysis structure is a coOL subject although it is difficult. Alrite, lets talk about the TOWER!!

This floating tower have been built to determine the tower that has the greatest efficiency. There is no difficulties while doing this tower. There are many materials that we used in this project. Such as plain straw, masking tape, sand container and cable thigh. All these materials have their own measurement.

The other equipment that we used are four empty mineral bottle, binding tape, knife, scissor and A3 papers. The mineral bottle that we used is to balance the tower on top of water. Plain straw must in the same length so that the tower do not twist or collapse. Besides that, the A3 paper is for sketching or designing our floating tower. For ur information, each column will have 3 pieces of straw to support the tower.

As we know, our floating tower is fully made of straw. We used about 200 pieces of straws with 25cm length. We choose square as our basic structural shape. Square can support weight but the weaknesses are it can twist and collapse the structure if not supported well. The height of floating tower is 45cm, top base area is 15cm x 15cm, while the bottom base area is 30cm x 30cm. We placed an empty container on top of the tower.

Although, there are many troublesome while completing this project but we manage to solve them very well. To have a strong and stable tower, it must have a good support. Each structure play an important role and must place at the right position. So that, the centroid, centre of gravity, centre of buoyancy, buoyancy, and weight of the tower are in the stable condition.

Huhh!..i'm quite impress with our prOject! Today i'm going to present this pr0ject in fr0nt of my friends n lecturer. Hope that this t0wer will not sink or submerged...Hahahaha~ FLOATING TOWER HERE WE COME!!!!~

27 October 2009

Popping Out to say sumthIn

Ok dude! N0w i've got nOthin to do...Seems to be so empty tOday..Hmm~ juz nOw i had a test. N i think it was bad.. Huaaa~.. My mind can't fOcus rite nOw. How cOme??? What's wrOng!!!! Arggghhh~~... Still gOt nothin. Still got nO signs.. CAN"T FIND MY WAY..Alrite! tomorrOw i'll have an interview. Haishh~...tensi0n of aLL situatiOns rite now. So many things to be dOne on the same time???!!! I think i cOuldn't breath anymOre.. TIRED BADLY ENOUGH.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO SETTLE THEM DOWN???.... [i'll give u a tOken later...hahaha]

Projects and assignmnets here n there.. Might get sickness n madness with all of these stuffzz! The final examintaiOn is juz arOund the corner.But still, nO mood for exam. No preparatiOn. No! nOthin!!...HEY JAJA!! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP FROM UR DREAMZ!! BE FOCUS!!!~.. U NEED TO COMPLETE WHAT U HAVE TO DO...huhhh~..ok2..i understand. I will try my best to success. AiyoOoo~ juz say "success" is an easy wOrd. But to express it hard rite! Wuaa~~..GIVE ME THE STRENGTH PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!

ChiLL out!.. wanna kn0w sumthin...actuaLly i feel bad with sumOne. u kn0w la, that guy went fOr an outstatiOn. In chezh.. He tOld me that he will be there fOr 1 mOnth. Ok fine...He went there f0r wOrk. i fOrget to say gudbye to him... I think he might feel that i dun care ab0ut his living.. Absolutely nOt!! Still want it or over it. Huhh~...AlthOugh, we are nOthin anymOre can he juz make it simple. I dOnt understand wut he is trying to dO. Hey! r U a man or wut??? be pr0fesiOnal la~..GrOw up!!!! Cisss!...

When peOple can't be nice tO me i still can be nice to them.. But if them still can't that, alrite i'll see n think abOut it!! U owe me dude!! Juz wait!

p/s: for that guy, juz think ab0ut the passed. Think! think! think!...~U still rec0gnise me rite?? fine!

11 October 2009

The Best Friday 9.10.09

That day was the best n fun day fOr me..
So many excitment bebeh!!
The photoshOOt day
The open UTHM day
Maybe the gathering day toO..haha

Photoshoot is the best! For civil engineering student batch 07/08..
Started actually ar0und 9.00 a.m but all gather abOut 10.00 a.m
It was quite sunny day that day
The sun shine so bright as bright as our feeling that day
port: Dataran Siswazah
classmates: i think 43 student la..
photoshoOt style: formal n candid
the feel: really enjOy, fun tyme, excitment
best part: of cuz during candid babes!!
props: afrO, big specs, colOrful cowbOy hats, witch hat, rabbit ears, mOuse ears, n bla..bla..bla..
poses: very style la dude! hOp on hOp off..hahahaha

NevA 4get this m0ment
NevA 4get all my belOved fren in UTHM
I will treasure them all in my minD my heArt n My sOUL....
U lighT up my liFe with laughter n hapPIness
reALLy hope that we will never apart
alwayz togeTher n suCCess tOgether
cuz i afraid that can't fight the feeling withOut u guyz!!

Do hope that u neva 4get ur fren
N of cuz ME!!!
Frenz is everthin 2 me...

07 October 2009

Fire Burning

RENTED HOUSE ON FIRE!!!...oh no00Oooo!!... I'm juz lepaking with my lapt0p n surfing the internet, then smelling sumthin weird...Like a smoke. The 1st thought, maybe sumone put on a fire to burn sumthin or rubbish. I dun care..Emm but then, my heart doesnt feel rite. Wanna investigate where's the smell came from... N u know whaT!!! THE KITCHEN ON FIRE!!!.. CRAZZZYYY!! Sumone whO boiled water n fogot to turn off the gas. AiyoOOooo..~ What laa...

Only me n my friend during that time. We dun nOe wut to dO.. Panic! Frighten! all the way. We dun nOe wuT to do with the fire. ArggGHHhh!!....!!! Never get through this situatiOn b4. HUh... At last, i asked my neighbOur to help us. During this time the situatiOn getting more shocked n panic. All my neighbOur came to my rent hOUse to see what happen.

At last, the fire stop. Huh!! Feel released.... Thanks to my neighbOur.. I owe u.. =)

Next time, always be alert for what u have d0ne people!

p/s: Uhuk..uhUk..the smoke still here..wuaaa~..huhh!

30 September 2009

Anything can happen

aiyOo..!!~ today so many things happened. The story begin when i juz woke up about 9.25 a.m. Actually, i'd set my alarm around 8.50 a.m. But suddenly i realised that i'm late. Huh! Hmm...why people easily forget what we have done give in helping listening n done gud things to them. I can feel them... but can they do the same thing? For sure the answer NO!! People juz say oh!...thank god u're here, whOa..thanks a lOt! i appreciate it...n bla..bla..bla... But do they meant it?? I don't nOe the answer. But i'm hoping for the best thing to happen. Wanna let it out, to say that i like to help people, sumtimes i dunt care if the people that i gonna help try to take advantage of my kindhearted attitude...hmm let it be~

BUT!!!!...do nOt make an exploitation from my gratitude. U can get hurt soOn... Juz wanna remind bebeh!

29 September 2009

Catch Ur Falling Star

Friendship is a most beautiful thing happened to human being. We all meet some people with whom we never had a kinship, but they become so special in our life that it becomes hard to live without them. Let us see some points we should consider while playing a role in friendship. Many poets have described friendship as one of the most fascinating bond we ever make in our life. It's the most beautiful thing that happens to us.
Friendship is a relation that is entirely based on trust, belief of two friends in each other. We come across many things in our lives, about which we do not tell anything to people near and dear to us, but we freely tell everything to our friends. Many people find good friends but they fail to continue with their friendship, because they do not know their role as a friend.
Let us see some important points that we should take care of if we wish to be good friend for someone:

Be a secrete admirer of your friend:
If your friend is good at something then do not praise him/her in his/her presence. Praising a person for what he/she is good, does not improve his/her qualities, but can cause over-confidence to be induced in him/her, which surely will be harmful for your friend. A good friend should never miss an opportunity to praise his/her friend in front of others when he/she is not around.
Don't proved him/her wrong in public:
As it is important not to praise a friend openly in his/her presence, it is also very much important to abstain from proving him/her wrong in front of other people. Take him/her away from the crowd and let him/her know where he/she is wrong. There is no point in proving your friend wrong in other's presence; it will spoil your friend's image in other's view. And additionally your friendship will be in danger.
Try to understand your friend:
It is always important to understand what your friend is worried about or what problems he/she is facing. Always try to understand the situation your friend is in and try to soothe him/her. It is evident that if people are undergoing some problems, they will not speak up their problems to their brothers or sisters, they will instead tell everything to their friends. Let your friend speak up, just listen to him/her and be with him/her until your friend does not come out of frustration.
Pull Your Friend Away From Making Mistakes:
If your friend is doing something wrong, it is your duty to let him/her know it at earliest. Keep in mind; best friend has to play a role of critic if he/she wants his/her friend to stop doing wrong things. But again keep in mind not to show your friends mistakes in front of other people. Sometimes it is important to understand your friend's intentions behind his/her actions and try to analyze situation, then only you should give your opinion.
The Ego Problem:
Never let ego spoil your friendship. It is no reason to be jealous if your friend is not at all able to speak to you and is with someone else, you have to be his/her friend, do not expect word of gratitude from the person you think is your friend. Sometimes there could be a clash between you and your friend, and you both stop talking to each other for some time, it is not at all wrong to speak first and say sorry to your friend, no matter what happens.
Try to Teach Good Things:
If you are a true friend, you should never give your hungry friend a fish, instead, you should teach him/her how to fish, this will give your friend food for lifetime. A good friend will never wish his/her friend to be dependent on someone.
Do Not Interfere:
Most important point that one should take care of is that your friend has his/her own life and you should not interfere in his/her life. You have a right to tell your friend what is good and what is bad, but you do not have a right to make someone do what you wish. Hope this will help you out solve some of your problems you are facing in friendship.

p/s: Alwayz be nice 2 ur frenz so that ur frenz will feel more apprieciate to u...

20 September 2009

R.A.Y.A 2009

SELAMAT ARI RYER!!!...Maaf zahir & batin.. Juz wanna say happy aidilfitri. Today is the 1st day of hari raya. I get up early in the mOrning at 8.30 a.m, took a bath, then took my baju kurung frOm my wardrObe..haha.. My baju kurung is yellOw in colOr. My favourite!!~ After that, get d0wnstairs to take my breakfast. As usual kueh raye is the 1st one i'm gonna eat. Huuhh~ About 1 mOnth i have been fasting n at last nO more fasting seOson n welcome for Hari Raya....! Then, at the end of calling of azan, we all get ready to go to the graveyard. WhOa! A lot of pe0ple at there. Actually itz abOut 10.20 a.m but still have a lOt of people there. They're wearing cOlorful n beautiful baju kurung. Sometimes i get impress with them. Ya laa... A visited to graveyard juz like having an open hOuse fOr hari raya.. hehehe ;)

Alrite..You knOw wut, some of children take an advantage to sell fl0wers n a packet of fl0wer ab0ut 1 dollar each. Huh.. Juz f0r decoration on the grave. Hmm, well for me it doesnt matter to have flowers or nOt. [dun be quate]~ Ok then.. We went to our belOved cousin's house. Wah..expected to get duet rayer! hee~ Of cuz get what! Peace 2 u kazen!!..

Uncle dr0ve to hOme then. Juz relaxing, watching hari raya TV special, makan-makan, lepaking......hmmm...n....tin! tin! tin...!! Guess wut??!! AbOut 5 cars came to attack my hOuse..haha. FuLL! Full... No space.. HUHH!! Next 2 cars came by. Wahh!! What on earth tOday.. Fiiiuuuy. My hOuse is like to explode. Children shOuting, laughing, climbing jumping n running here n there, n bla..bla..bla... TIRED!! Tired...but enjOy bebeh! Till nite pe0ple come n gO. No worries cuz mOney also come in..Wuahaha~ i Like....

I think thats all fOr rayer today. We'll see next time... I feel so tired lOr..Need sum rest.TudeLLs all!!

10 September 2009

Life With Songs

My question says it all, but basically, does anyone know a song about a guy and a girl who are friends, and the girl falls in love with the guy, but he doesn't know?

Or the guy doesn't love her like that?

Or the guy hides his feelings and the girl's confused about how he feels?

The reason I'm asking is that I like to describe my life with songs, and a song like that would be perfect to describe it at the minute! I've been looking all over for one, but I've had no luck :(

Drew looks at me

I fake a smile so he wont see

What i want and i need

And everything that we should be

I’ll bet shes beautiful

That girl he talks about

And shes got everything

That i have to live without

Drew talks to me

I laugh cause its just so funny

That i cant even see

Anyone when hes with me

He said that hes so in love

Hes finally got it rite

I wonder if he knows

He’s all i think about at nite

Hes the reason 4 the teardrops on my guitar

The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star

Hes the song in the car i keep singing

Dont know why i do

Drew walks by me

Can he tell that i cant breath?

And there he goes so perfectly

The kind of flawless i wish i could be

She better hold him tight

Give him all her love

Look in those beautiful eyes

And know shes lucky cause

So i drive home alone

As i turn out the light

I’ll put his picture down

And maybe get some sleep tonight

Hes the time taken up but theres never enough

And hes all i need to fall into...

04 September 2009

Tale & Time

Sometimes you need time to learn. You need time to make mistakes. You need time to learn from mistake. You need time to rebound back. You need time to grow"

Juz nice!

Everythin needs time.

Time is everything. Everythin is abOut time.

Time is preciOus. Time is gOld. Time is jOurney.

Time is destinatiOn... Time is abOut giving hOpe.

Dun waste ur time with n0thin matter. But alwayz take ur time 4 sumthin dat u really really want to.

Time keeps away the distance between me n the people that i love n care enOugh.

Time can be in past, present, n future.. take ur past time as mem0rable time. Take ur present time as a thing dat u must face n take ur future time fOr ur jOuney n destination of life.

Time can change us..

Time can change everythin

Human chase time but time nOt chase human.. Time will alwayz be there n alwayz keep on mOving.

Time cannOt change bUt changes needs time.

Time can lead us!

31 August 2009


Hepi Merdeka Day!!!!

Happy 52th merdeka day to Malaysia...Give a big applause to Prime Minister for 1 Malaysia!

~Malaysia truly asia~

24 August 2009


Maybe its been a l0ng time to be in silent. WEll, as u all dunt kn0w, so much things came up in my life rite n0w. Things dat i neva thought bef0re, n0thin bUt mybe sumthin, [ting..ting....ting] Hmm...h0pe dat i can thr0w wuteva i want. But, h0w if the wutevA things effect my life, what if i br0ke sum0ne heart? wut ab0ut pe0ple impressi0n on me?? wut ab0ut my hapiness? Sincerely, i really wanted t0 enj0y my life but now i think i'm n0t who i am now.. CONFUSED!!! what shOuld i do dude??? Sum0ne that hve g0ne 4 al0ng time wanted to c0me back. And n0w i dunt kn0w weather to accept 0r juz over it. Hey pe0ple, what will u d0 if there are 2 ch0ices n u only hve to choose only 1. What ab0ut if both choices r the best choices n u are afraid to loose them. So? Juz live them or make a choice? ArgHhhh...! Go away any d0ubth on anything. Face it n be str0ng. Let me think act n d0 wuteva i want cuz i dunt want to break my heart n pain my s0ul n feel regret 4 sumthin dat means n0thin. Watch out guyz out there!!! Dunt think that u can easily appr0ach me play with me or use sweets w0rds on me. Not interested. daa!!

Wanna share sumthin. You kn0w wut, actually i can be too kind n i can be too bad 4 u... HAHAHAHA... Outside maybe blur, kinda tingt0ng, s0ft, gud gurl but the inside can be too evil, like a stepm0ther or more than dat i think [huahuahua], hard, bad gurL, create great plan to impose other n bla..bla..bla.... Afraid? Itz ok.. But people who kn0w how to be sincere n kind to me they will get the same thing too.

I nevA noe what the future brings. But i will nevA turning back again. Keep m0ving forward as far as i can.. Make myself proud. Let go the passed n welc0me the beginning of winning. Run baby run f0rever will be [WE THE KINGS-check yes juliet].. What i want is there will be sumb0dy whO can be there when i need sumOne 2 talk to, sum0ne whO can keep me real n whO knows alwayz......alwayz n alwayz... Hmm..yesterday is over but 2morr0w still there. Grab the chances in fr0nt of u bef0re its too late babes!

So, juz wanna remind again, be gud n bad f0r the sake of life....!

09 August 2009

I'm nOt weaK

do u kn0w what is LOVE?
do u ever in LOVE?
do u ever being LOVE?
do u really LOVE sum0ne that LOVE u?
theres many other questi0n alwayz been ask
d0es it ever being answered?
t0 get the answer u must through it....
LOVE actually sumthin that make u suffeR
suffer fr0m waiting, jelousy, answering...
d0n't try 2 LOVE if u are afraid of suffer
dunt say i LOVE u if u n0t really LOVE sum0ne
dUnt c0ntinue 2 give h0pe if u can't make it c0me true
dUnt play on sum0ne hearts cuz its hurting...
plan bef0re luving
cuZ it might leave a big scar once u br0ke his/her heart...
hmm..h0w dO i knOw??
mybe, my scar nOt recOvered yet
hOw i dunt believed in sweet words....
sweet pr0mises...
dUnt ever try to say sweet pr0mises n w0rds 2 me!
cuZ it means nothin to me....!!

24 July 2009

Critical Point

Welcome back!!
No time to say for a long time
Busy b0ut studies

Sumtime i feel like i'm dying with all of dis stuffz
Sumtime i can't think talk walk eat n s0lve other matter
Sumtime i'm feel fed up with these!!!

i'm OUT!!

10 July 2009

Watashi wa daigaku no gakusei desu

Itz been along time for a new entry.. Actually, i'm kinda busy with my new w0rld new life new semester new studies new atm0sphere n everythings are new for me rite now. I think this is the hardest week of my life. Everthing hve to be d0ne very quick sm00th n well. I juz came back from my semester break n start my studies. Huh!! So much to do!
First thing is claz timetable. Well, itz quite pack on m0nday but others are fine. Hmm..on the 1st day my frenz n i act like a chicken that wanted to find the missing egg..hahaha. Imgined, we couldn't find our rite claz. Going nowhere n juz go ar0und the campus n looking for claz. But, with the wr0ng inf0rmation. It is n0t the rite claz that we wanted to reach. It must be a mistake. At last, the claz was canceled. What on the earth that we're looking for the invisible claz! Freaky dowhh....
I think this is the tiredable week. Although i had been through so many difficulties during this week i would like to say that all of these are the part n parcel of student life. It is hard to archive the best the greatest the gold. Alwayz motivate ourselves to succeed in life. 2009/2010 will be the memorable session for me!!! yeaHH!......

01 July 2009

Voice From A GurL

Theme> need sum0ne to sp0tlight
Doing>updating bl0g
Eat>bread+oaT, laksa j0hor
Drinks>mil0 ice,sky juiCe
Mo0d>average + b0red + excited
Situati0n>weird + lil confused
Obsess> dance + s1ng
Fav0urite> meet the r0binson
Bo0ks>remaja,Japanese c0mic,0xford dicti0nary,maths,manual nokN78,BH
Sh0utout> I hve t0 let it g0 n juz enj0y the sh0w
Confessi0n> Thank g0d I f0und U
Wanted>an icE cream & ice blended strawberry
S0ngs> true,1234,superhuman,mad,tentang kitA
Facial>grin =D
Sigh>huh! Aiy0oo….
Promises>hard to d0 but the h0pe is there…juz try
C0lour>blue + lil bit yell0w
Less0n>always make pe0ple happy
Sh0ws>When a stranger call, Music fact0ry,La d0lce Amira,that’s s0 raven
Questi0n>Is it hard to express our feeling to others?
Spirit>ganbatte kudasai jaja-san!!!!
Magic>heart n s0ul
Word for t0day> f0rwad “keep m0ving forward” [meet the r0bins0n]

P/S: We can make magic!

25 June 2009


Today I’m damn tired.
After wake up early m0rning my life juz like usual
Do this d0ne that n bla..bla..bla….
But, during aftern0on I must prepared all my stuffz to bring to my rented h0use
Semester break will be over s00n n juz ar0und the corner
I must get ready n clean that h0use before I stay there
Huh! Quite lots of things to bring along
Lucky, I’d packed all my stuffz 1st
I juz carried n put them in b0nnet car
Then, after reached that h0use 1st thing to do is took out all things in that r0om
Dust n dirt everywhere…DIRT-TRACK! DIRT –TRACK!!! EeeUuuWww~~
Sweep the fl0or
Arranged everything to look neat n tidy
N at last everthing’s done!!
Ouchh…hurt my wrist my back legs hands n bla…bla..bla….huhuhu~
So hardly tired
What I w0rried now is my h0usemate
H0w r they?
What types r they?
Co0L sp0rting give n take or…….??
I hope that all will be gud n I can acc0modate myself very well
Next m0nth will be a new w0rld for me!
Is everthing will g0nna be ok??
Juz be patient n pray……
Try to be patient eventhough the pe0ple is not what u think they r
Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

17 June 2009

The Theme of LIFE

Sum pe0ple may seems to know me very well but sum of them juz pretend that they reconigze me.. Nowadays, it is very hard to find sum0ne that is truly sincere. Many pe0ple out there are wearing a mask to look gud. I’m confused b0ut human. It supposed to be that human must help human but all are fake. I’m n0t really trust any0ne anym0re.
Why a pers0n that i believe willing to betray me?? Is it wr0ng to speak out what I feel to them?? Friend? Friend or beast? What is a friend? A friend is a pers0n that always support us n be with us no matter what happen right! Hmm…but if I trust a friend a lot a friend also can turn to be so mean. Human like to take for granted of other human who r kind to them n also the weakers. I juz wanna be myself n don’t care what people gonna say cuz they talk too much… For me, understanding is the key for happiness. Whatever pe0ple do did or d0ne to me I’ll try to understand n never put a revenge to them. Face it with smile. Everthing happen have a reas0n..huHh!

Understand sumthin n later we’ll know how to s0lve it!!

I’m n0t understand why a best friend can misunderstood juz bcuz of other people that unconnected to them.
I’m n0t understand why human willing to do anything for m0ney.
I’m n0t understand how human can fight for unnecessary things.
I’m n0t understand why human can have jelousy to people that have m0re expectation than them.
I’m n0t understand how human can change from gud to bad..
I’m n0t understand how friends can dominate sum0ne life n change sum0ne become sumone else.
I’m n0t understand why a family relationship can estranged eventhough life’s full of property.
I’m n0t understand why human wanna take for granted to the weaker.
I’m n0t understand why human can be beside us during easy time n go away during difficult time
I’m n0t understand why human talk harsh about sum0ne else but they didn’t realized the badness of theirs.
I’m n0t understand why human can easily get influences even he/she the cleverest pers0n in studies.
I’m n0t understand why human willing to lie n bec0me sum0ne else juz to get an attenti0n.
I’m n0t understand why human can be so selfish in many aspects.
I’m n0t understand why human wanna fight n differentiate a person by the skin color.
I’m n0t understand why human can have the prejudice attitude to others.
I’m n0t understand why I can’t understand those things ab0ve.

So many things dat I still cann0t understand b0ut human. Mybe this is what a H.U.M.A.N..hard to expect n difficult to understand..Bcuz we actually didn’t reconigzed wh0 we are. We only kn0w b0ut study study n study… Emm mybe n0t we but me! But how far an educati0n will help us succeed? Juz think wisely…The imp0rtant is c0operate. We are facing for only 0ne same direction that is the everlasting direction. We’re only a servant who drop by to this w0rld. Time is the distance of our journey. Make our life as beautiful as a rainb0w with colourful happiness n in peace.

P/S: keep swimming…swimming~~ get the treasure!!

16 June 2009

Sumthin Bugging~

Okay, today entry quite different. But still i will feel release after done it. Try to understand although u didn't...
Dlm brite harian cite psl kiamat yg mnyatakn bhwa ramalan nyer 21 disember 2012. 211212…Ala ramalan xsmstinye btul kn.
Rsenye bile kte ckp psl kiamat, perhh cmue tkut. TKUT??? Tkut yg wt2 tkut atau btul2 tkut pun enth laa…xde trfikir nk brubh tuk ari 2 ke??
Hmm skrunk kn jaja tgk mnusia bbs nk wt pe je di0rg ske. Halal haram put at aside first. Yg pnting can have fun. Nape ek agk2??

Smpi ble kte nk cri keFUNan n kseronokkn yg xkekal nie…Cara owg dlu ngn skrunk fun mmg bebeza giler. Zmn skrunk bnyk sgt medium2 dat can make a l0t of fun. But still xpuas2.
Remaja, trutamanya dlm lngkungn skola mngh yg tau mnghbiskn duet mak bpk dgn bli asap?? ROKOK. Alaa rokok je kn..nk heran pe sgt. Merata2 owg jual. Merata2 owg isap rokok. Rilek r. So spe kesah kn? Pmpuan mr0kok pn no hal lah. Mak bpk diorg tau, so nk kesah pe??

Bosan r mer0kok. Xbest sbb dh c0mmon sgt r. Owg dh xpndg r pmpuan mer0kok. Ssh lak nk trik prhatian owg ek. Then, try bnde lain. Afta mr0kok, arak lak. what? ARAK?? Air kncig setan pn nk tguk ke? Pas 2 ssuke hati teguk sna cni dpn owg rmai. Tnjuk terer r 2….

Yg pelik nye mne dpt arak 2? Kn owg islm xbley bli. Hah. Untg pnye psl…Lantak lahh! Kn halal hrm t0lak tepi. Dh jd rutin kn..
Haa..pas b0sn tonggak arak SOSIAL sna cni.. Sosial kn trend.. Bese la. Xde life r klu xsosial. Kn? Lgpn skrunk sng je nk cri tmn s0sial. Myspace Friendster kn ade. Ade je tmn yg nk tmn kuar siang mlm pgi ptg snggup kuar. Kwn baik la katakn. El0ow..klu nk bers0sial pn agak2 r

Orait, pas bosn lpk2 s0sial sna cni try yg len lak. B0yfriend gUrLfriend tau2 la nk wt pe kn. Xyah kesah owg pndg sbb owg yg pndg 2 pn dua kli lime je. So, klu nk brsentuhn n wt adegan kasih syg dpn owg pn dh xkesah. Lg terase OH SWEET NYE DAT COUPLE ade la kn..kn!!
Huh! Skrunk nk tunding jari pn xgune. Sbb bnde nie mmg dh c0mmon sgt2. Owg nmpk pn wt2 xnmpk je.. Ala klu jaja nmpk pn wt2 xnmpk gak. Trpkse mncegah mllui hti jeKlu tegur direct kt owg yg kte knl xpe r. Tp klu owg yg xknl 2 hmm jgn la arap sgt, jgn nsht, salam pn xterase nk bg..

Nsht pn xde gune nye.. Msuk tlnga kiri kuar tlnga knan.. Mcm owg isap r0kok gak…sdut trase nkmat last2 kuar gak. Klu nk arapkn mak bpk, rse nye pukul la blasah la sbnyk mngkin but otak dh diisi dgn pmber0ntakan jiwa, ttp xkn brubh.
Akhrnya rmai la yg msuk pusat serenti n pmulihan. Tp 2 pn ade yg trlepas gak cuz ade yg xbrdftar… Mne peginya msyrkt yg prihatin nie?? Mmg la xde. Sbb klu owg prihatin ckit ckp jge tepi kain owg plak kn… So baik wt xtau je. Jge dri cndri.

Huii jaja!! Npe ko nie k0lot sgt. Oh sy mmg k0lot. Sdey tgk bdk2 zmn skrunk yg cube mnikmati khidupn dgn kesr0nkn tpi sbnrnye kOSOng. Weh jaja, cm ko 2 baik sgt nk nsht kn owg. Crmin dlu bley?? Ko pn bukn alim sgt tp nk blagak alim. Ko bukn btUdung pn kn!
By the way, trime ksih jika trdetik pers0alan diats. Ini brmkne anda prihatn trhdp sy. Ye, jaja bukn la baik sgt n yez jaja xbtudung btul. Bukn jaja nk brbngga jaja xbtudung but msih brusaha kearah itu. Jaja xmmpu wt bnde yg xikhls kuar dr hti.
Ekeleh, ape ssh sgt btudung. Mne2 kdai kn ade jual tudung. Mmg la sng bg owg yg brkata 2. Mmg sng nk btudng n sronok brtudung. Tp, jaja sdg brusaha btudung luar dn dlm. Xde gune btudung luar tp dlm(hati) xiklas.
Ape kisah ikhlas ke xikhlas. Yg pnting ko ttup aurat nmpk la cm owg baik, dh la. Ha? Mcm 2?? Tu la yg jaja mksudkn soal hti. Jaja xnk la krne jaja btudung xikhlas, then owg len mula hukum owg btudung jht. Sorng wt maksiat, yg len trkene tempias nye.. Skrunk pn rmai owg ckp cm 2.. Pkai je tudung tp owg xbtudung lg baik dr yg btudung 2…hmm~
Eh jaja, chill chill la… Emo smcm nmpk? Oh xdela…Yela smpi bile kite nk fun fun n xreti nk serius. Ha nie la msenye…Skli skala kne r serius. Ade mse nk brser0nok ade mse nk serius.

Hmm..cm over lak entry kli nie. Hehehe…Tp 2 la sdey tgk muda mudi zmn skrunk nie. Maaf kpd yg trse. Sme2 la kte brubh. Lupekn perihal nk fun fun sgt. Ckit2 ok r…Jgn smpi ketagih.. Ketagih ch0colate xpe…hahaha =P
P/S: Whatever it is, juz open ur eyez n see as far as u can. Think 1st bef0re react. Looking forward n never turn back. Never give up n be urself..

11 June 2009

Can or Cannot???

Can't sleep. My flowery red clock showed its b0ut 1.45a.m.. Hmm dunt know why~ Maybe sumthin bothering me. But what is it??? ArGggHhhh! I'll try to relax my mind [reading st0ry book;listenin to music;wr0te sumthin in this bl0g;think interesting things n duin sum weird stuffz]
So many questions bothering me right now. Questions that needsum c0nversation or pe0ple to solve them or me,al0ne hve to take it or............ Orait then. Still i hve to throw it out of my mind or else i can't sleep. Only this blog...a place where i can say wut i wanna say n you can't stop me. Cuz i'll say it LOUD!!!

1. Can i forget a person that i love juz a blink away?
2. Can i try to love sum0ne else eventhough we know that only he still in our heart?

3. Is it ok if i wait for sum0ne that don't care b0ut me?
4. Is it ok to hope that one day he will done all his promises to me?
5. Can i put a revenge to him that hurt me?
6. Can i take a gud care f0r sumthin that i alwayz cared enough?
7. Is it necessary to defend sumthin that i hve been build?
8. Is it ok to act n0thin eventhough i know that i've been played?
9. How c0me he can change?
10. How c0me he can be so mean?
11. He forgot wh0 alwayz beside him?
12. He forgot who alwayz take a gud care for him?
13. Is he remember the teardrops for him?
14. Is he remember a person that alwayz give in to him?
15. Only 1 answer for each question
16. Only 1 reason for each answer
17. Only 1 answer 1 reason to ensure these
18. But i can't find the fullst0p for these.....


p/s: face up to problem n see what happens?? coOl or......

25 May 2009


Ehem..ehem.. I'm gud today. But it's quite h0t cuz today is a sunny day.. "rain rain come again..little children want to play"~~ hehe... Actually I juz wanna give sum input in my blog. Maybe it is usefull for me as becoming an excellent engineer one day.. Yeah! Everyone likes to be uniquely different among the crowd and some even go to the extent of making their houses really 'stand out'. Check out these pics of weird houses around the world. CoOL dude!! Let's check it out!!!!

Hundertwasser, master of unconventional architecture, constructed this complex of 50 apartments in 1982-1985. It is an unusual house that does not correspond to the usual clichés and norms of academic architecture. This house is considered one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. It has no straight lines or surfaces, completely asymetrical, with tortuous corridors, rounded-off corners, plants and trees.

The Upside-Down House was created by Daniel Czapiewski in the village of Szymbark, northern Poland, on July 31, 2007. It represents not merely a bizarre tourist attraction, but is also meant to be a profound statement about the Communist era. It took 114 days to build the house, because the workers were disorientated by the strange angles of the walls.

This Toilet-Shaped House south was built by the founding member of the World Toilet Association. The house features four deluxe toilets and is dedicated to providing clean sanitation to the more than 2 billion people who live without toilets. The home has a showcase bathroom placed in its centre. Other toilets have features that range from elegant fittings to the latest in water conservation devices. The house bears the named Haewoojae, which stands for Korean “a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries”.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! 1 stick?? hmm....
The design of the House on the Stick was inspired by highway billboards . The house is rather small. It is only 27 square meters (290 square feet) and as such it is not intended to be a family residence. It is designed as an object suitable for almost every place on earth, for instance, forests, seas, lakes, mountains, meadows as well as on the main city street.

Bubble House was constructed on Pierre Cardin’s demand. The project was being built by an architect named Antti Lovag for an industrialist with whom Lovag had become friends while building a previous house. The house was intended to demonstrate the possibility of short-circuiting traditional architecture in the name of original, contemporary design.

The Broken Column House is so named because it takes the form of a ruined classical column. The house was created by the aristocrat François Nicolas Henri Racine de Monville who made it his main residence during the years immediately before the French Revolution.

The Glass House is one of the world’s most beautiful and yet least functional homes. The house is symmetrical and sits solidly on the ground. The quarter-inch thick glass walls are supported by black steel pillars. The interior space is divided by low walnut cabinets and a brick cylinder that contains the bathroom. The cylinder and the brick floors are a polished purple hue. Philip Johnson says that when people come into his house they just shut up and look around. The Glass House is now open to the public, with tours booked many months in advance.

Huhh!! I'm so impress n can't believe it to see those weird houses. 4 sure the engineer n the architect is such a brilliant, imaginative n also creative thinking. Juz look at the structure. Sum of them are very difficult n need skills to build it.

N for me, i will becoming an engineer soon, wanna see that malaysia also can build the weirdess structure ever...hahaha. So i can post it in my blog. Like a fairy tale rite? Hmm...but we'll see~~



22 May 2009

Flavour Of Life

Bedtime stories?? n0..no..no!! Wait until midnite n i'll tell a bedtime stories babe! uwaaaa.....
Today is juz a regular day for me. Juz like the past dayz before.
Hmm...but it is a lil bit different today. Guess wut?? hahaha.. I'm the most kind hearted gurl in the universe. This is the TRUTH!! peAcEee2~~ Cuz today i'll help everybody dat needed help.
First, i do clean my room. Huh! The dust...huhu..as thick as my dict0nary book~ Well this is wut we call a student life.. No time to think b0ut other things. Juz f0cus b0ut study Study n stUdy!! N now its time to work it out..game on. Ahakks. =D Bz cleaning my room n my stuffz suddenly i've found sumthin dat remind me for the past. Maybe i must forget it. I must try to forget about the past thingz dat is not important to me anymore.. hah!! Yup!...
F.O.R.G.E.T I.T!!!! Sumtime if we keep thinking b0ut the past it can really hurt u. So juz accept it forget it n move on. Yeahhhh2!!
Orait, next, i went to downstairs. Then, my aunt asked me to clean, moping, sweeping n tidy up everything in kitchen, living room, dinning room, garage, n even toilets. What??? So many things to do. But no problem at all. I enjoyed them.. Its my pleasure~ =] Family is my priority of cuz. Actually i like to see my home clean n tidy. N also i love decorating... Maybe sumday i can be an interior designer perhaps. But now i choose to study civil engineering cuz my father wanna see me as an excellent engineer n i love him soOoo much!!!
Ok..back to work. C.L.E.A.N>>M.O.P>>S.W.E.E.P>>W.A.S.H n bla...bla....bla........ DONE!! I'm the maid without a payment...uhuhu~~
Peace!!~ at last, i'm free...hahaha.. Its time to watch my favourite show. 'Shes Spies' on Hallmark channel. New on hallmark laa.. Sumthin wr0ng with my lil sis. She shouted at me n said "argghh!!...my nose bleeding...mummyyy~~" haa..next time do not dig up n dig up n dig up ur tuuuuuttt [censored]~ hehehe. Kidding!!! Well, maybe the changing of weather effect our antybody...As u all know, the weather for today is very hot. Feel pity.. So, i hve to help her to stop the bledding... My grandma said to let my sis laid down on sofa. Then i cleaned the blood n acted liked a doctor. Hahaha..
Today, i can be whatever i wanna be. Today i be a doctor an engineer a wheather examiner an interior designer a motivator n even a maid.. its full of fun enjoyment excitment cuz i am everything today.
Life is simple. But not everyone agree. Why?? bcuz they only think life is not easy like other people said. Juz blow away ur typical minded n facts dat's no use. Life can teach us everything. Only the brave n strong can win n succed in life. The main key is never give up. Dunt care wut people said but believe in urself. I know wut i'm doing.
I'll do wut i wanna do n all people out there juz back off!!! I had get through so many troublesome in my life n i parry everything without any single dirt. I think so... hey people!! I say wut i wanna say out loud n i dunt give a fuck of others. Next time take care of ur own body first not me. Okay?? yeah gud! orait...~
p/s: People who think dat they are better than me..hah! excuse me u r such a hypocryte. No one is better than u except god.

18 May 2009


Akedemi Fantasia season 7 is over. The winner is Hafiz [peace], 1st runner-up is Aril [terbaik wOkk!!] , the 3rd is Akim [i'm yours], the 4th is Yazid [l0ng-term] n last but not least the 5th is Isma [Beware!!..]....haha.. Yeah2!! It's over~

They had showed the best performance for this season. They also did the best performance for the final consert. Especially a big applause for Akim's performance.. WhOa!!! 'asyik-masyuk' wo0... =] I think Akim should win that nite bcuz from zer0 for the 1st consert n become her0 for the finale..haha. This is wut we call transformation..rite?? Yeah2! Akim sang 2 song, Bencinta from Faizal Tahir n his 1st single tittle Bengang [like it the song so much!] I think Akim is the best performance last night. For ur information, i am a big fan of Afiq Akim bin Ahmad.. I knew it hafiz will win this competition...hmm mybe bcuz he has a big fanz...mybe la~~ But i believe that Akim n Aril will shine more than the winner. Yup of cuz...we'll see it.

Yazid n Isma not bad at all... what ever it is Akim deserve to win for that finale but itz ok. He will become more famous after this. GO bRO! ....Peace yaw!!~

There are some pictures from AF7. Sweets n memorable...EnjOy~~

Sumtime reality show can spend our leasure time wisely.. Furthermore, we also can get sum benefit from it. Especially for people who dream to be a superstar,singer or fam0us they can have sum information from this show. We can learn how to be a good singer, exercise your mouth before sing such as bubbling or hissing, learn how to dance, be wut u wanna be n bla....bla...bla.....~~ hehehe =D
What ever it is, the moral of the story, dun't be shy or afraid to try sumthing new cuz sumtime it can transform u to be better than before. Right?? ya..ya! So, go on n try to archive ur dream n never let anyone spoil ur dream. Mybe ur dream may come true~ I hope so. Ganbatte kudasai!!!

Hmm...i think this is new for me...but weird sumhow
p/s: sing a song n make it as ur own song...itz ok.

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